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Thyroid Monitoring

What is a Thyroid Monitoring Package? The Thyroid package provides you with a better thyroid health and an enhanced means of monitoring its functionality. Thyroid Monitoring Package includes Anti TPO, Anti TG, Free T3, Free T4, TSH levels that gives you a better estimate of your thyroid functioning. Why is Thyroid Monitoring important to me? The Thyroid Monitoring Package is important for patients who are already suffering from Thyroid Disease or recently diagnosed with Thyroid Disease This package empowers you with valuable information and a better means of monitoring those organs exclusively targeted by the imbalance in the thyroid hormones, and giving you an advantage of better treatment intervention. Facts you should know: The major function of the thyroid is to regulate the body’s metabolism. The thyroid secretes essential hormones that regulate metabolism and the growth and the function of major organs in the body.