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Diabetes Screening Package

What is a Diabetes Screening Package? Diabetes screening tests are done to find out whether or not a person has pre-diabetes or diabetes. Our Diabetes screening package consists of critical clinical tests aimed to measure your blood sugar levels like the Fasting Plasma Glucose test (FPG) and additionally to measure your Hemoglobin A1c levels (HbA1c). The FPG test measures your blood sugar level at the time you take the test, whereas, the HbA1C results give you a picture of your average blood sugar control for the past 2-3 months and is being used increasingly by physicians as a screening test. Why is Diabetes Screening Package important to me? The Diabetes screening package may prove to be of value for patients who fall in high risk category for diabetes because of family history and/or are already suffering but are not currently diagnosed. In most cases the symptoms for diabetes are subtle and slow to develop and hence a diabetes screening package may help in early detection of the disease. Some of the most common and typical symptoms of diabetes are increased thirst or fluid intake, increased appetite and frequent urination. Other important symptoms also include sudden weight loss, weakness and fatigue, tingling or numbness in your hands, legs or feet. The Diabetes screening package empowers you with an earlier detection that will better the chances of treatment and enables you to control the complications of diabetes and thereby manage it better. Facts you should know: According to the International Diabetes Federation, Sep 2007, India has an estimated 35 million diabetics and worse, that nearly 13.3 million cases remain undiagnosed.