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Welcome to Quest4Health.com, your portal to knowledge and management of better health.

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Packed with health related advice, articles, physician blogs & interactive health tools, the Quest Diagnostics India portal is your one stop destination for a healthier life.

Our web site has been created to demystify diagnostics and provide you the information needed to maintain good health and promote wellness, for you and your loved ones.

We offer the latest in medical content which has been updated to relate specifically to you, in a way you can understand and appreciate.

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Discuss the latest health topics, get advice from peers and share your own personal experiences with like-minded people. The Quest Diagnostics India community is the ideal platform to meet, interact and discuss health issues and get friendly advice

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As a worldwide leader in diagnostic testing, we offer thousands of laboratory tests, many of which are developed in-house by some of our extensive team of qualified health professionals. Our site allows you to order these tests and receive an informative Personal Wellness Report inclusive of your lab results, and recommendations to improve your health.

Backed by the company’s experience of performing over 130 million tests each year, you can be assured of world-class service, which exceeds your expectations.

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